Your Success, Is Our Success

Running a business requires that you have a professional team with the right capabilities to keep you running smoothly. You are in the right place.

KollabPro. Inc. offers a wide range of services to entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to start and grow their business. We work with all entrepreneurs and small business owners, whether you are in the initial startup stage. or need help growing your business. Our experts will help you to build your business from start to finish.

The beauty of working with KollabPro. Inc. is our team of creatives are masterminds who possess the expertise to bring your vision to life. Our attention to detail. quality and service, makes us an industry leader. At KollabPro Inc., our customers always come first and we consistently strive to exceed expectations.

Falisha Riaye


Falisha has over 25 years of experience leading administrative and marketing teams. Her expertise in digital marketing, technical and creative writing, content analysis and paralegal services, has afforded her opportunities to work across a wide range of industries and businesses. This includes Fortune 500 corporations. nonprofit organizations and small businesses.
Falisha founded KollabPro on the principle of helping business owners achieve their vision through its offering of professional administrative and creative solutions.

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Your Success IS Our Success

Our Team Members

Our team consists of consultants who are highly-trained and specialized in their fields. We take the time to get to know you and your business while working with you and your team, to realize your vision. We know that your success IS our success.

We are always interested in collaborative opportunities.